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T-SQL and Databases

Learn about SQL. Primarily focused on SQL Server (Microsoft) using MSSQL/T-SQL query language.
Title Description Tags
T-SQL: Create and insert Create tables and insert data
T-SQL: Delete and truncate Delete rows, tables, and other objects
T-SQL: Insert Inserting new rows
T-SQL: Schemas Interact with schema objects
T-SQL: Merge Insert, delete, or update according to merge expression
T-SQL: Triggers DML Triggers
T-SQL: Update The UPDATE statement for data modification
Stored Procedures Creating and using stored procedures
BCP Bulk copy program
INTERSECT and EXCEPT Use EXCEPT to filter rows from your query
Handy Snippets Assorted T-SQL snippets that you may find useful
Online Resources for T-SQL Useful links, blogs, and web resources for T-SQL