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Algorithms and Data Structures

Learn about algorithms and data structures for computer science, by studying their various implementations and use cases.
Category Title Description Tags
Algorithm BFS Breadth-first graph traversal search
Algorithm DFS Depth-first graph traversal search
Algorithm Dijkstra Single source, shortest path
Algorithm Fibonacci Compute N-th Fibonacci number quickly with matrix exponentiation
Algorithm FizzBuzz The classic stupid interview problem
Algorithm GCD and LCM Euclid's algorithm
Algorithm Modular Exponentiation Compute X to the power N modulo M
Algorithm Prime Factorization Compute the prime factors of a non-negative integer N
Algorithm Sieve of Eratosthenes Bottom-up determination of primes
Data Structure Range Minimum Query With binary-lifting for constant-time queries.
Data Structure Union-Find Disjoint-Set With path compression for amortized time complexity