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Online Judges:

CodeForces 0 solutions
Owner Problem Title Solutions Tags Description
CodeForces 1A Theatre Square
CodeForces 4A Watermelon
CodeForces 25A IQ test
CodeForces 50A Domino piling
CodeForces 58A Chat room
CodeForces 59A Word
CodeForces 69A Young Physicist
CodeForces 71A Way Too Long Words
CodeForces 96A Football
CodeForces 112A Petya and Strings
CodeForces 118A String Task
CodeForces 131A cAPS lOCK
CodeForces 158A Next Round
CodeForces 189A Cut Ribbon
CodeForces 230B T-primes
CodeForces 231A Team
CodeForces 263A Beautiful Matrix
CodeForces 281A Word Capitalization
CodeForces 282A Bit++
CodeForces 318A Even Odds
CodeForces 339A Helpful Maths
CodeForces 339B Xenia and Ringroad
CodeForces 455A Boredom
CodeForces 459B Pashmak and Flowers
CodeForces 474B Worms
CodeForces 479A Expression
CodeForces 486A Calculating Function
CodeForces 489B BerSU Ball
CodeForces 489C Given Length and Sum of Digits...
CodeForces 492B Vanya and Lanterns
CodeForces 500A New Year Transportation
CodeForces 507B Amr and Pins
CodeForces 513A Game
CodeForces 520B Two Buttons
CodeForces 550A Two Substrings
CodeForces 580A Kefa and First Steps
CodeForces 742A Arpa's hard exam and Mehrdad's naive cheat
CodeForces 766B Mahmoud and a Triangle
CodeForces 935A Fafa and his Company
CodeForces 977B Two-gram
CodeForces 977D Divide by three, multiply by two
CodeForces 996A Hit the Lottery
CodeForces 1097A Gennady and a Card Game
CodeForces 1108A Two distinct points
CodeForces 1154A Restoring Three Numbers
UVa Online Judge 0 solutions
Owner Problem ID Title Solutions Tags Description
UVa 230 Borrowers
UVa 543 Goldbach's Conjecture
UVa 900 Brick Wall Patterns
UVa 10047 The Monocycle
UVa 10140 Prime Distance
UVa 10165 Stone Game
UVa 10338 Mischievous Children
UVa 10394 Twin Primes
UVa 10892 LCM Cardinality